Call for video exhibition

The Congress Expanding the Space / Més enllà de l'Espai has called artists all over the world to present their video works for the exhibition that will take place during the event.

Name: Pau Pascual Galbis
Country: Spain
City: València
P. C. 46021
Address: C/Palància, nº3, pta. 2, 1r pis
Telephone: 675 023 817

Original title for the work: “555-CEG”
Category: Video Art
Nationality: Spanish
Length: 2’ 17’’
Production year: 2005
Original version (language): Catalan

Name: Josepa López Poquet
Country: Spain
City: València
P. C. 46009
Address: C/Sagunt, 110, 2n, pta. 4
Telephone: 653844425

Original title for the work: “POLS D’ESTELS”
Category: Video Art (Microgravity)
Nationality: Spanish
Length: 3’ 03’’
Production year: 2005
Original version (language): musical sounds
Abstract: Animated. Experimental language. Sound collage.

Name: Pauline Thomas
Country: France
City: Paris
P. C. 75018
Address: 5 rue Durantin
Telephone: 0686953928
e-mail: /

Original title for the work: Gélatine
Category: Interactive animation
Nationality: French
Length: no specific length
Production year: 2005
Original version (language): no language
Abstract: The project was born from the tsunami striking Asia in December 2004. I wanted to transpose this problem in the future, where water would be an object of collection, kept in formol, a luxury. Gélatine is an interactive installation which puts in scene the Sea, restored in the net od a screen. The spectator goes into a black room, semi-zoo semi-cabinet of curiosities where two photos of the bright sea are hung on both sides. A console is laid out in front of its cage-screen where a mouse is placed. The spectator contemplates the movement of the sea and/or comes to take the mouse, which enables him to return in contact with the disappeared element. The Sea, endangered species, in state of suspended sentence and captivity, tries to defend itself like the lion scratching the bars of its cage, excited by the visitors.
Technical requirements: Preferring Apple G5, but works on Windows 2000 and XP. 1 Go RAM, 2 GHz.

Name: Janssens Fabrice
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels
P. C. 1050
Address: Rue Wery 85
Telephone: 0478 71 39 80

Original title for the work: “If…”
Category: Video and sound
Nationality: Belgium
Length: 1’ 00’’
Production year: 2004-2005
Abstract: The basic image was shot during a journey through Norway. Boat trip in the early morning, everything was white around. When I came back I wanted to give an image of what was going on in my mind due to this impressions. The spatial feelings was one of the most important, so the final result has something to do with the sequence in “2001, a space odissey” when the pilot gets lost in Space at the end of the film, although I don’t want to compare myself to Stanley Kubrick.

Name: David Apfel
Country: Spain
City: Barcelona
P. C. 08004
Address: C/Sancho Marraco 4, 4-1
Telephone: 651522910

Original title for the work: “La Mafia de la Cultura”
Category: Video Art
Nationality: Spanish
Length: 5’ 44’’
Production year: 2005
Original version (language): Spanish
Distributor: El Club de los Astronautas
Abstract: Poem about Cristoforo Colombo. A small part of the show El Club de los Astronautas, an experimental and multidisciplinary piece between theatre, dance, music and video art, which has been presented in several theatres and festivals. Related to Space exploration in a poetic and filosophic way.

Name: Dana Ranga
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
P. C. 10779
Address: Motz str. 88
Telephone: +49 3021475048

Original title for the work: “Story”
Category: Video essay
Nationality: German/Romanian
Length: 87’
Production year: 2003
Original version (language): English
Distributor: Good Idea Films
Abstract: Never before has as astronaut spoken up about the faults and tragedies of his life, about the achievements and experiences of man in Space. “Story” is an emotional trip around a human being exiled between Earth and weightlessness. Astronaut of six spaceflights, poet, surgeon, chemist, computer specialist and father of six children. Dis this ultimately uprooted man fin his place here on Earth? He is a metaphor for search and evolution, for love and loneliness.

Name: Agence TOPO
Country: Canada
City: Montréal
P. C. H2T 2T4
Address: 4646 Clark
Telephone: 514 279 8676

Original title for the work: “Astres/Stars/Goleuadau”
Category: Net Art and Photo Exhibit
Nationality: Canada
Length: unlimited
Production year: 2006
Abstract: An e-poetry project, the Agence TOPO’s largest multimedia creation. It is based on a poetic body of work of the Canadian-Welsh author Childe Roland (artist name of Peter Noël Meilleur) and the images of the Canadian photographer Susan Coolen. Metaphorical representation of the black holes in astronomy and the death od supernovas. The series is composed of sound poems in which all verses first syllables start as an aspirated syllable which slowly dries up the throat. Written in three languages (French, English and Welsh), the texts approach contemporary issues: environment, epidemics, computerization, globalization, etc.

Name: Andrea Polli
Country: USA
City: New Cork, NY
P. C. 10021
Address: Hunter College, Film and Media 695 Park Ave.
Telephone: 718 472 2627

Original title for the work: “N. A. Networked sound and visual installation using near real-time Arctic data”
Category: Climate
Nationality: USA
Length: 4’ 28’’
Production year: 2006
Original version (language): English
Abstract: Artistic visualization and sonification (direct translation of data to sound) of near real-time Arctic data. Ongoing, evolving composition. A dramatic warming trend has been experienced by the Arctic over the lst decade that may accelerate glbal climate change. The N. Installation expresses the isolation and environmental extremes of this remote region.

Original title for the work: “The Quensbridge Wind Power Project”
Category: Climate
Nationality: USA
Length: 7’ 00’’
Production year: 2004
Original version (language): English
Distributor: Andrea Polli
Abstract: Presents a vision of a future when meeting energy needs can enhance the beauty of a city by investigating how clean, renewable wind power could be integrated into the landmark architecture of the Queensboro Bridge.

Name: Ariane Maugery
Country: France
City: Aix en Provence
P. C. 13100
Address: 26 bis avenue Henri Pontier
Telephone: +33 (0) 609 147 673
e-mail:, Http://

Original title for the work: “Swarming bodies”
Category: Video art- Microgravity
Nationality: French
Length: 5’ 28’’
Production year: 2006
Abstract: Video arabesque created from photos of solar flares taken by the SOHO satellite and from films recorded during the first flight of the International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-1) on board Discovery. Fluid levitating bodies slide from macroperceptions in euclidian spaces regulated by smooth surfaces to fluctuating states within a quantum topology. The wavy body awareness generated in the work reflects molecular vibrations, unconsciously related to gravity on Earth.

Name: Janine Randerson
Country: New Zealand
City: Auckland
P. C. 1061
Address: 35 Cardwell Street
Telephone: 0064 96344542

Original title for the work: “Anemocinegraph”
Category: Climatic change. Experimental video
Nationality: New Zealander
Length: 4’ 54’’
Production year: 2006
Abstract: Composed from slowly animated satellite images which I collected every four hours for three weeks in the Waikato region of New Zealand. The soundtrack includes sonified data from a solar powered weather station that monitors carbon emissions from a peat-mined area. The video combines the macrocosmic view from space with micrometeorological data. This project investigates the idea that there are complimientary methods of creating a “world picture” and also documents the passage of time.

Name: Chardronnet Ewen
Country: France
City: Tours
P. C. 37000
Address: 39 Rue Jules Charpentier
Telephone: +33 (0) 664153165

Original title for the work: “Zero-G procedure”
Category: Microgravity
Nationality: French
Length: 15’ 30’’
Production year: 2003
Abstract: Ewen Chardronnet took part in the MIR (Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research) campaign 2003 in Star City, Russia. Ewen films the breifing, debriefing and the zero-g training flight. The film explains the procedure of the parabola to reach microgravity and the technical conditions that the group will encounter in the Ilyushin plane. It shows the other artistic projects as well.

Name: Zev Robinson
Original title for the works: Change on Climate; Video Compilation

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