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October 3rd. Tuesday

16,00 p.m. Presentation. Ramon Lapiedra, Universitat de València.

16,30 p.m. Opening conference. Roger Malina, astronomer. President of Association Leonardo/ ISAST (International Society for Arts, Sciences and Technology) and Leonardo/ OLATS. "The Dark Side of the Universe; an astronomer’s view of Scientific Uncertainty". With the participation of Josep Perelló (Universitat de Barcelona).

18,00 p.m. Fernando J. Ballesteros, Observatori Astronòmic de la Universitat de València. "The year that the Earth had two moons"

19,00 p.m. Humankind in front of the mirror. A perspective of our own planet thanks to space missions. Cultural impact.

21,00 p.m. Andreu Jacob, composer. Première of the work El salt de les estrelles.

October 4th. Wednesday

15,30 p.m. Colonialism vs. exploration. Are space missions a new kind of colonialism?

17,00 p.m. Bernard Foing, European Space Agency (ESA) SMART-1 principal scientist and director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group. “Exploring the Moon and beyond: why and when?”.

18,15 p.m. Annick Bureaud, art critic. Director of the Association Leonardo/OLATS (Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciencies). “Art & Weightlessness : The Building Up of A Culture”.

19,15 p.m. Microgravity: the sensory experience of parabolic flights.

21,00 p.m. Marcel•lí Antúnez. Transpèrmia, performance.

October 5th. Thursday

10,00 a.m. Julien Knebusch, PhD student Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, Leonardo/OLATS project manager. “Outline of a phenomenology of climate”.

11,00 p.m. Climate change. Its effects seen from outside.

12,30 p.m. Humankind in front of the mirror (II)

15,30 p.m. Karl Doetsch, Chairman of Athena Global. “When will Humans migrate into Space?

16,30 p.m. Seth Shostak, astronomer, SETI Institute. "Human Co Existence with extraterrestial intelligence and Establishing Extraterrestrial Civilizations".

18,00 p.m. Sundar Sarukkai. "Philosophy of Major Human Migrations since ancient civilisations".

18,30 p.m. Closing conference. Josep Perelló (physicist, Universitat de Barcelona), Annick Bureaud (Leonardo/OLATS), Roger Malina (astronomer, Leonardo/ISAST, Leonardo/OLATS).

20,30 p.m. Rubén García, composer. Première of the work Dark Matter.

October 6th. Friday

Morning. Guided tour to the Astronomic Observatory of Universitat de València (OAUV) with Fernando Ballesteros (astronomer at OAUV).

Afternoon. Free entrance to the 57th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) acts for all participants and public of Expanding the Space.

During the days of the congress:

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Expanding the Space
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Conference & Workshop on Space & Art
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October 3-4-5-6, 2006
Universitat Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Palau de Pineda (Sala 5)
Pl. del Carme, 4
46003 València
tel. +34 96 385 98 00

Night performances:
Jardí Botànic de València
C/ Quart, 80

Organized by Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània in collaboration with Leonardo/Olats Co sponsor: International Academy of Astronautics