Fernando Ballesteros

Doctor in Physics (Universitat de València, 1996), he is an astronomer and member of the Observatori Astronòmic de la Universitat de València. He has got wide experience in the popularization of science, he is co-author of the recently awarded section “Los Sonidos de la Ciencia” (Sounds of Science), which is broadcasted each Saturday on Radio Nacional de España, as well as an usual collaborator in the media. He is co-author of the book Astrobiología, un puente entre el Big Bang y la vida (Astrobiology, a bridge between Big Bang and life), which is in the verge of being edited by Akal. He is director and professor of several curses at Universitat de València and part of IAC 2006’s organisation commitee.

He frequently writes articles for specialized press in popularization of science, such as the magazine AstronomíA or the science supplement of the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón.

He has been involved since the beginning in the design and development of European Space Agency’s gamma ray space telescope INTEGRAL, witch is currently in orbit around the Earth, and space telescope LEGRI aboard Minisat 01 (INTA). He has also made important works on emergence of the complexity, astrobiology and the problem of Life.

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Conference & Workshop on Space & Art
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October 3-4-5-6, 2006
Universitat Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Palau de Pineda (Sala 5)
Pl. del Carme, 4
46003 València
tel. +34 96 385 98 00

Night performances:
Jardí Botànic de València
C/ Quart, 80

Organized by Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània in collaboration with Leonardo/Olats Co sponsor: International Academy of Astronautics